Wallpaper Adhesive

Wallpaper adhesives or wallpaper glue is a special adhesive, usually based on methylcellulose or modified starch that is used to attach wallpaper to wall surfaces. This adhesive, when applied, can hold wallpaper on a variety of surfaces including wood, fiberglass and glass. In fact, some people use wallpaper adhesives to add special effects to their interiors.

Basically, Wallpaper adhesives are a thin film, sometimes as thin as one micron, which is attached to the backing paper with a solvent-based adhesive. It is generally applied by using a cotton swab dipped in the adhesive and is then pressed against the wall with a special type of sponge, in a technique called pinching. However, some wallpapers are more difficult to pin. There are some wallpapers that have to be glued manually, while there are others which only need to be attached with a special type of paper clamp.

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