Copper Ore

Raw Cassiterite High grade copper ore is the perfect material for building a large number of modern electronic products, such as computer processors, memory modules and chips, and other electronic equipment. It’s extremely conductive and durable, making it a perfect material to make batteries, power converters, and even computers themselves. Raw cassiterite is also an excellent metal to make electrical wires, which are vital in modern electronics and computers.

In addition to being an excellent metal for making computers, Raw Cassiterite High grade copper ore is also a good material to make anodes, or plates, for a variety of different electric motors and generators. These include those used to power industrial machines such as excavators and other construction equipment, as well as ones that power your own vehicles. The fact that it’s so sturdy means that it will be a highly efficient material for anodes, which make up for the lower energy efficiency of traditional copper.

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